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Seminár o odlišnosti medzi psychoanalýzou a sugesciou.

What is the difference between psychoanalysis and suggestion?  A patient, who is in some distress, makes a sizable investment of time and money in order to  come to an authority holding out the promise of a cure.  This authority has the prestige of an established professional discipline behind him or her, and may have been recommended to the patient by a trusted friend, family member or professional.  The practice itself is unlike anything the patient has experienced in the past, and he or she is asked to give it the benefit of the doubt for some time.  All of this sounds like a perfect set up for the practice of suggestion on a patient who is in pain and eager for anything that might bring relief.

BION AND THOUGHTS TOO DEEP FOR WORDS – Psychoanalysis, Suggestion and the Language of the Unconscious